Beach and People South

Beach and People South South region of the Zanzibar Island
7 Hours Guided Tour
Beach and People South

Beach and People South is a unique full day experience that gives a rare opportunity for clients to explore the real taste of rural Zanzibar social and economic activities as well as visiting the Top attractions found on the southern region of Zanzibar Island.

The Tour includes the visit to the typical Zanzibar village of “Jambiani” and create supportive environment for our clients to directly interact with the community so as to explore the culture and traditions of local Zanzibaris. The Tour will also provide the opportunity for our clients to visit the local School to acquit with local education system.

Another stop will be held at The Rock Restaurant (One the most iconic Restaurants in the World currently). Here our clients will have opportunity to take pictures of the Restaurant from the beach or even spend about 30 minutes enjoying the drinks in the Restaurant (if interested) while sunset hours are approaching.

Finally, You will visit Kae Funk Sunset Beach Bar. This is one of the most beautiful sunset viewing points in the Island where you will enjoy the beauty of Zanzibar sunset accompanied by the local dance performed by Sunset Bar Staff Team. Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day.