Zanzibar Cooking Lesson

Dole Village, Urban/West East region of the Zanzibar Island
4 Hours Guided Tour
Zanzibar Cooking Lesson

The unique opportunity to learn how to cook Swahili Cuisines with the help of Zanzibar local instructors who will go with you to the local market to purchase the ingredients for the menu of the day which always includes some of the very popular food prepared into the Island.

The lesson gives you a chance to participate in the preparation of the meal i.e starter, main course and dessert. This may include the making of plain rice roasted with coconut milk, Pilau (Spiced rice), Roasted Plantains, Green banana roasted with coconut milk, Urojo, (Zanzibar mix) Tuna soup and small doughnuts as dessert.

Our Local instructors are so welcoming and friendly and always there to cheer up and by the time food is ready, Those participants will share it with their hosts on "Mkeka" The traditional mate used by local people.